ACEMS Partner Organisations (POs)

The Centre works closely with our Partner Organisations in an ongoing formal relationship to develop a strategic approach to research and deeper understanding of the quantitative challenges and collaborative opportunities in these organisations.

Overview for 2019

  • There were a range of research projects commenced, continued, and planned with POs as well as other engagements with mutual benefit.
  • Annual in-kind contributions from POs totalled an estimated AUD$566,689, which exceeded expected total in-kind contributions of AUD$330,720. In-kind contributions from AIMS, CSIRO and the ABS were significantly higher than forecast.
  • There have been multiple significant personnel changes at Partner Organisations this year. ACEMS successfully navigated changes to Partner Investigators with four Partner Organisations, namely, AIMS, CSIRO, the Sax Institute, and the ABS.
  • ACEMS researchers and investigators within POs actively worked on seeding, progressing, and finalising projects.
  • Three PO were involved in multiple research projects active during 2019: the ABS, AIMS and CSIRO.
  • A new Industry Collaboration Support Scheme (ICSS) project with international partner AT&T was approved; an AT&T inventive scientist is now scheduled to visit multiple ACEMS nodes in early 2020.
  • The formal partnership between Mitacs and ACEMS concluded on 1 January 2019. Both organisations remain aligned with the goal of enabling student mobility between higher education and research organisations in Australia and Canada.

Partner Organisations

Learn more about each of our Partner Organisations, and their engagement and collaborations with ACEMS:

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) AT&T Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Mitacs Sax Institute VicRoads