ACEMS Engagement Strategy

ACEMS engagement is strategic and aligned to realise research relevance, engagement with key stakeholders, knowledge translation and impact. It is coordinated by a full time Stakeholder Engagement Officer and involves members across ACEMS professional, research and student members.

Internal and External Engagement

ACEMS engagement with internal stakeholders aims to:

  • Connect ACEMS members’ capabilities and interests to external opportunities for research promotion, research collaboration, engagement and impact;
  • Develop ACEMS members’ research engagement and industry skills for developing collaborations with external stakeholders and realising research engagement and impact goals; and
  • Support networking internally and externally.

ACEMS engagement with external stakeholders aims to:

  • Support networking, relationship building, and mutual learning with external stakeholders;
  • Understand external stakeholder needs and goals and match ACEMS members (from research students to senior academics) as research collaborators to realise mutual benefits;
  • Encourage and support engagement with research collaborators along and beyond stages of the research project pathway (from planning, to research, reporting, and impact);
  • Provide funding schemes including co-funding to support opportunities for external collaborations, by possibly bringing together ACEMS cross-node teams, students, and ECRs;
  • Support our researcher-collaborator teams to apply for internal and external funding for proposed research and other collaborations;
  • Maximise the value and new value creation from our research, and other products and services, for collaborators, relevant end users and other potential beneficiaries; and
  • Grow and nurture enduring relationships and see and shape opportunities for mutual benefit.

Engagement Schemes and Goals

The schemes illustrated in Figure 1 are a key part of enabling ACEMS engagement strategy and goals. These include:

  • The Industry Affiliate Program (IAP) for Industry Affiliate Members (IAM)
  • The Industry Collaboration Support Scheme (ICSS)
  • Engagement events, services and activities
    • Workshops (including for research planning)
    • Networking
    • And others as detailed on the Engagement Activities Page

Figure 1 – ACEMS Key Engagement Schemes and Goals

Industry Affiliate Program (IAP)

The Industry Affiliate Program offers membership to external research collaborators, and provides a range of benefits additional to research, including planning sessions, events, news, access to schemes, networking, invitation to the ACEMS Retreat and recognition.

There were two new Industry Affiliate Members (IAM) welcomed to the Industry Affiliate Program and network in 2019, and seven renewed or proposed to renew memberships. Learn more about our Industry Affiliate Members here.

Industry Collaboration Support Scheme (ICSS)

The Centre’s Industry Collaboration Support Scheme is designed to: support strategic initiatives, with particular emphasis on increasing ACEMS impact; facilitate collaboration with ACEMS Partner Organisations, Industry Affiliate Members and expand the reach of ACEMS’ research into industry; strengthen the Centre’s research objectives; and encourage cross-node collaboration and ECR development.

Highlights for 2019 include


New ICSS applications
by a mix of PO, IAM and proposed new IAM -- approved to proceed with ACEMS (co-)funding


$97K+ in ACEMS funding approved for these new ICSS projects


In co-contributions were committed by external collaborators for these projects

External Collaborative Research Projects

Learn more about some of our External Collaborative Research Projects, several of which have been supported by the Centre’s ICSS funding scheme.