FLEW Solutions

FLEW Solutions provide a range of advanced manufacturing solutions including laser welding, advanced materials production, smelting services and manufacturing aids.

FLEW Solutions

ACEMS formally welcomed FLEW Solutions as a new Industry Affiliate Member of the ACEMS Industry Affiliate Program in 2019. FLEW Solutions is a Brisbane-based entrepreneurial business that focuses on the commercialisation of new technologies, with applications in advanced manufacturing, laser welding and smelting services.

ACEMS PhD student Ethan Goan (left) with Machine Learning Specialist at FLEW Solutions Australia, Samuel Fogarty (right), collaborating to reduce failure rates in 3D printing

Samuel and Ethan with ACEMS Stakeholder Engagement Officer Jessie Roberts.

In 2019, ACEMS PhD student Ethan Goan commenced and completed a first project with FLEW Solutions, exploring the use of computer vision and machine learning to detect and reduce failures in 3D printing.

The first phase of this project was a success for FLEW Solutions and a great opportunity for Ethan to gain exposure to an innovative company exploring a novel application of machine learning and computer vision methods. As a result of this first phase of the project, a reduction in failure rate was achieved, with greater than 85% accuracy regarding the existence of a print job fault and type. An extension of this project is being proposed.

The success of the first project has been followed by discussions to scope a second follow on project in 2020, exploring and validating the use of new techniques in advanced manufacturing.

Working with ACEMS has enabled FLEW Solutions to explore the practical implementation of machine learning and computer vision. This work has been invaluable to the research and development of potential new ventures at FLEW.

Michael Larkins, FLEW Solutions Australia