ACEMS Spotlight on Women in Maths Day

The creation of the first worldwide “Celebration of Women in Mathematics” in 2019 provided a great opportunity for ACEMS to feature women in maths around Australia.

ACEMS Communications and Media Officer Tim Macuga gathered ‘selfie’ greetings from three dozen female researchers around ACEMS and created this video:

Celebrating women in mathamatics.Celebrating women in mathematics by ACEMS Communications and Media Officer Tim Macuga

In addition, two great things came out of our Women in Maths Day celebration held at The University of Adelaide. ACEMS sponsored a ‘Spotlight on Women in Maths’ poster project that was displayed at the event.

Posters at Adelaide WIM event

Example poster: Dr Rachael Quill

We are proud to say that we are now hosting those posters on the ACEMS website. We hope many other women will see these posters and not only get inspired by these women, but submit their own posters as well. It’s easy, and instructions are on the page.

Finally, the celebrations in May around the country, particularly in Adelaide, sparked an episode for the ACEMS podcast, The Random Sample. Titled “A day can make a difference”, the episode featured Adelaide event organisers Dr Rachael Quill and Dr Melissa Humphries from ACEMS at the University of Adelaide, and Associate Professor Amie Albrecht from the University of South Australia. You can find the episode wherever you get your podcasts by searching for The Random Sample.

Episode 17: A Day Can Make a Difference - Celebrating Women in Maths

Guest: Dr Amie Albright, Senior Lecturer at UniSA

Guest: Dr Melissa Humphries, Lecturer at University of Adelaide & ACEMS Associate Investigator

Guest: Dr Rachael Quill, Lecturer at University of Adelaide & ACEMS Associate Investigator

Host: Tim Macuga, ACEMS Media and Communications Officer

For just over a week in May 2019, people from around Australia came together for a very special celebration to honour and celebrate women in the mathematical sciences.

In this episode, we talk to three of the women behind that big event, what they did, why it was so important, did anything come of it, and what’s ahead when it comes to the issue of gender equity.


We look forward to continuing these exciting initiatives in 2020!