Ruth Williams' women in mathematics and statistics lunch

On 17 July 2019, ACEMS hosted the third annual ‘Women in Mathematics and Statistics’ lunch at The University of Melbourne. The event is hosted by Professor Ruth Williams, who is an alumna of The University of Melbourne, holds the Charles Lee Powell Chair in Mathematics at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and is a member of the ACEMS Scientific Advisory Committee. The purpose of the event is to connect female postgraduate students and early-career researchers to distinguished female research academics in the mathematical sciences community.

At the 2019 event, there were four short presentations related to the topic of the Women in STEM Decadal Plan, by:

The presentations were to be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Ruth. However, unfortunately due to illness on the day, Ruth was unable to attend and so ACEMS Director Peter Taylor stepped in to moderate the discussion.

The lunch was well attended with over 30 participants from all levels, ranging from new enthusiastic postgraduate students to distinguished researchers. Many of the attendees included ACEMS researchers, students, and professional staff such as Emily Duane, Sophie Hautphenne, Laleh Tafakori, Anita Ponsaing, Ben Hess, Nikki Sonenberg, Jing Fu and Lele (Joyce) Zhang.

The Centre looks forward to Ruth’s next visit in 2020, when she will host the fourth annual women’s lunch.

Ruth Willliams' Lunch gallery

Some of the attendees at the lunch (L-R): Peter Taylor, Emily Duane, Sophie Hautphenne, Jennifer Flegg, Maaike Wienk, Laleh Tafakori, Anita Ponsaing, Roslyn Hickson, Sue Finch, Kate Smith-Miles, Julia Collins, Janine Sprakel, Alison Harcourt, Nikki Sonenberg, Hilary Hunt and Madhu Bhaskaran.

Professor Madhu Bhaskaran presenting at Ruth Williams' third annual ‘Women in Mathematics and Statistics’ lunch.

Dr Maaike Wienk presenting at Ruth Williams' third annual ‘Women in Mathematics and Statistics’ lunch.

Question and discussion time at the third annual women in mathematics and statistics luncheon.

Professor Kate Smith-Miles